Maracuya the Cara Cara

A bird of prey from the family Falconidae, this Milvago chimachima is found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and throughout South America. They are omnivorous and rely on scavenging, eating carrion, insects (including ticks off animal’s backs), crabs, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds eggs as well as fruits and seeds.  Conservation Status of Least Concern. 

Arrived January 2024, at 1 month old. RAREC was asked by the government to take in this cara cara. Without all the backstory, we have put together that the chick fell from the nest and the local community tried to care for it but were unable to, so handed it over to the authorities. Our vets assessed it, and discovered it wasn’t even able to walk or feed by itself yet. However, it quickly stood on its own two feet and learnt to hunt bugs and small fish and amphibians. He was moved into a large enclosure where he could practice flying and hunting on his own.  

Released on 16.4.24. Details to be added shortly.

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