Daniel The Otter

Daniel is a giant river otter. Daniel arrived to us in September 2018, from a tip through our wildlife rescue WhatsApp chat that we have here in the Amazon. We were sent pictures of what appeared to be an otter inside a sack on a boat, that was docked in the port of Nauta (a small town 65 miles (ca. 105 km) outside of Iquitos) destined for a lodge. We quickly sent the images to the corresponding wildlife entity (ARA) and got an immediate reaction and confiscation by those authorities of a sloth and an otter. We found him in a sack, malnourished, dehydrated, and very shaken. 

Giant river otters are very social animals. In the wild, they live in groups, and have developed a language of sorts — they are very vocal. Daniel is no exception, and he constantly “spoke” at his caretakers for attention, playtime, and food.

For 2 years, we had the privilege to be able to show Daniel how to swim, eat, and catch live fish, unfortunately, no matter how much our caretakers tried, they could not get him to catch live fish in the on-site lakes. Therefore he was unable to be released into the wild as he wouldn’t have been able to feed himself. He was relocated to another facility, where we know he is very happy now.

daniel otter in bag
daniel otter by pool

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