Capuchin Monkeys


Balu is our most recent addition to the capuchin monkeys here at RAREC. He was found close to starvation, by some researchers studying in the Peruvian Amazon. They nursed him back to health for a week and then gave him to the Environmental Police who handed him to us at the end of February 2023.  

After his quarentine period, and once weened on to solid food, he joined our resident troop of 3 other capuchins.


Leah arrived in April 2018, approximately 1 year old. She is the largest of the female pair and we can also tell the difference between her and Tyriana by her face, which is a bit darker. She is very shy and takes a while to trust caretakers but she can be outgoing once she knows you.


She arrived in August 2017, approximately 6 months old. She is smaller and her face is a shade lighter than Leah’s. Her personality is the opposite of Leah’s too, being very sociable and playful.


Juanito was rescued in March 2020, from being a pet. While a pet he was known to have a teddy bear, so now he presents a behaviour where he bundles up leaves and hugs them like he would of done his teddy bear. 

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