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Our programs are funded with the financial support from our partners in conservation, as well as donations from people with a keen interest in the preservation of Amazonia, all over the world.



Hello! I’m Andrés, Head Caretaker here at RAREC. I’m a biologist and vet student from Mexico City. I’ve loved wildlife since I was a kid and I’ve had great experiences on the field working with many types of animals taken under human care, from little coatis all the way to african elephants. 

Back in my bachelor’s years I discovered that conservation medicine was the way for me after working with sloths in Costa Rica. My area of expertise is animal behavior and welfare, and I think RAREC is the perfect place to integrate all my passions and knowledge. After all, what can be better than living in the amazon rainforest surrounded by amazing people and astonishing animals and plants.

Jordan Mckenzie


My name is Jordan Mckenzie, I have a passion for wildlife rehabilitation and love working with animals. I am always keen for a new challenge and adventure so naturally RAREC seemed like a good place to go. I Iove to learn more about animal welfare/enrichment and how we can improve the lives of the animals we interact with everyday.

I have worked at wildlife rescues in the UK and Costa Rica; where I had the amazing opportunity to work with a greater grison an endangered species of mustelid. While at RAREC I hope to develop a deeper understanding of enrichment protocols to increase the level of engagement from the animals…




Hey there, I’m Carol, a vet with a wild passion for wildlife! My veterinary adventures have taken me to some pretty amazing places across four continents, offering invaluable experience with a diverse array of species.

I spent four years in Indonesia, where I worked as both a zoo veterinarian and a coordinator for in-situ and ex-situ conservation projects. I learned about emergency critical care in Australia. During the devastating Amazon Fires, I dedicated myself to crucial efforts in aiding South American wildlife. This experience made me want to engage more in meaningful efforts aimed at preserving the jungle and its incredible wildlife.

Oh, and let’s not forget my fascination with animal behavior – I even geeked out and did a post-grad study in Animal Psychology. Because who wouldn’t want to know what makes our furry (and feathered) pals tick?

I am excited to share my knowledge and experience and hoping to spark a deeper love and understanding for our natural world and all the amazing creatures!



Joss Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, my name is Joss, I joined the team at RAREC in September 2023, after working in the UK for Europe’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust. I managed a large team at a famous garden and was responsible for fundraising and growing support.

I have a Zoology degree and have worked and volunteered with animals all over the world, I am also a qualified Nature Therapy Guide and ran my own forest bathing, mindfulness and wellbeing walks business back in the UK.

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