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Education for youth at our new school

We believe that to see real change in the Amazon, we need to invest in the education of the youth.

That’s why we’re excited to, one day, offer a specific educational volunteer program. Currently, we are providing support for local schools and have been helping the children and youth of these communities receive a quality education after school. But the long-term project goal is a modern and well-equipped school situated on RAREC´s property.

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with the children of the Amazon rainforest and help us bring a modern after-school education program to them.
Your impact will be felt for generations to come. 🌎🌿

Our Environmental Education Program

Our Environmental Education Program will have a focus on artistic expression! We hope to teach about equality within the biosystem, biodiversity, animal welfare, recognising illness in animals, zoonotic diseases, reusing and disposal of waste, ethical career options and more.

Our target audience is the children and teenagers of 10 years and above that live in the town local to us. We at RAREC have recognised that many of the families living here are contributing to the destruction of the environment through deforestation, bad waste management, burning finite natural resources and capturing wild animals for pets or meat. We believe that educating the future generation of this town, and others similar, will reduce the likelihood of this behaviour continuing into the future.
Previous studies have proven that Environmental Education benefits students in a number of ways including developing a sense of connection with nature, developing consciousness about social and environmental issues and their own impact and improving analysis of contextual information.

We are choosing to teach through artist expression to ensure the engagement of our students. Being in addition to their regular school week, we aim to provide active, imaginative and mentally engaging activities to maintain their interest and learn that this is a fun, educational way to spend their Saturday.

Previous research has found that ‘Eco-Art’ allows people to better understand data and knowledge, as well as develop a sense of how are actions affect the world around us and what this might look like in the future. As well as being direct contributors of environmental destruction, they can also see the degradation they are causing. We plan to highlight this and find a way to reverse or reduce it.

In the future education center, our after-school programs aim to tackle the issue on several different fronts. At the end of 5 years, we expect for the communities to be fully trained in caring and conservation of the environment, caring for wildlife, aquaculture, vegetable production, organic fiber handicrafts, reusing and recycling of waste, honey production, management of damaged and reforested areas, English, and computer skills. Above all, we expect the communities to have higher incomes, better access to health care and education, and a commitment to activities with low environmental impact.

Our students had a blast with art class, where we explored how organic materials can help us express our love for nature. We gather different natural materials and used it to create stunning sculptures of our favorite animals from the Amazon jungle. Amazing jaguars, owls, tapirs, parrots, and even some imaginative creations like an elephant, ice lolly, and teapot!

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Our conservation programs are funded by the generous contributions of conservationists around the world.

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