Woolly Monkeys


Meet the Woollies! 

We currently have 5 Woolly monkeys that have started group with Tuxedo as the alpha. They have been arriving since November 2017 and in this time we have been able to learn a lot about this species of monkey. For example, their diet is very specific so we have learnt how to adapt to this to create one which is much closer to what they would eat in the wild. 

It is a lucky that the woollies get along as a family, which fits into RAREC's conservation plan for the species. Our hope is that they will be able to return to their natural habitat, as a woolly monkey troop.

The small troop of juvenile woolly monkeys assembled at RAREC is made up from monkeys which were once kept as pets in homes around the city of Iquitos. They all share a tragic common past: their families were slaughtered for food, and they themselves were brought to the illegal wildlife trade.


Currently one of our Woollies, called Rumba, is kept in quarantine after she became very ill and nearly died. However, our amazing staff monitored him day and night for weeks in order to revive her and build her to become strong again. She is very healthy and fighting again but we are keeping him under close eye in the quarantine so that we can ensure she stays healthy and gets all the nutrients she needs to return to her state before the illness.


Meet Terk! 

She was rescued as a tiny baby after being taken as a pet. 





She has now grown into the troup and is one of our two adult Wooly monkeys. She's used to be very shy and delicate, but thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and staff at RAREC, she has come out of her shell and is a great addition to the pack. Look at how she has grown: 



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You can contact RAREC Administrator at rarec.center.adm@gmail.com or donations.for.rarec@gmail.com if you require more details about their feeding.