Wish List

RAREC is located in Iquitos, Peru. There are many supplies and equipment that we have to bring from Lima, Peru’s Capital because we cannot find them in Iquitos, although the prices are higher than in USA or other countries. Because of this, there are often equipment and supplies that are difficult to get for us.

Shop our Amazon Wish Lists below and send the items to our RAREC friend’s address in USA. Who will receive and save the donations to send them to Peru once a month.

How you can help?

  • Buy an item from our wishlist.
  • Donate the money necessary to purchase an item from our wishlist.
  • If you are traveling to Peru, offer to carry wishlist items with you, we will pick them up in Lima.
 Amazon Wishlist:
Recipient’s Name: John Garnica - RAREC

Delivery Address: 553 Virginia Ave. Jefferson GA 30549, USA