“Live-Love-Learn" Programs

How to get involved

If you are looking to volunteer or do your internship in the amazon rainforest, we would love to have you at RAREC!


We invite you to take a gap time as an opportunity to partake in volunteering opportunities, to take part in our meaningful work and learning opportunities here at RAREC. At our project you will be acquiring professional and soft skills, cultural immersions, to also learning to live independently, all while giving back to our planet and specifically the “Amazon rainforest”. These skills will serve far past your gap time, through the remainder of your professional careers and will be ever lasting memories of a lifetime.

 Our “Live-Love-Learn" Programs are:
Regular Volunteer Program
Wildlife Conservation and Animal Sciences Internship Program
Veterinary Course


General Facilities:

  • Laboratory and clinic, equipped to perform routine check-ups and attend emergencies
  • Water reservoirs for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Classroom for environmental education programs and lectures for students and volunteers
  • Quarantine area
  • Nursery area for manatee calves
  • Nursery area for different species
  • Enclosures for a variety of species
  • Island for endangered spider monkeys
  • Ponds for fish breeding programs
  • Ponds for arapaima gigas (largest fresh water fish in the world) breeding program
  • Pond for adult manatee’s pre -release program
  • Fruit tree plantation
  • Electrical infrastructure installation with permanent power available all day


Included Services:

  • Full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You must confirm if you have any special diet such as vegan, vegetarian, or food allergies. Fruits and drinks available anytime. Please check our Travel Guide document to see details about included food.
  • Shared room (rooms for 2 people, 4 people and 6 people), made of concrete and wood, very comfortable, with individual beds and bunk beds, fan and mosquito net in windows and beds.
  • Electricity all day in all rooms.
  • Shared bathrooms with access to water in the showers.
  • Very quiet work environment to perform daily activities and relax and study at night.
  • Outdoor recreation room with fan, hammocks, movie projector, board games and music.
  • Outdoor dining room with a free use kitchen, refrigerator for personal food and drinks, coffee maker and microwave oven.
  • Laundry room for free use, please check our Travel Guide document to see details about what you need to bring.
  • Wi-Fi in volunteers and staff areas. Please check our Travel Guide document to see specifications about internet signal in this area.
  • Each volunteer will be provided with RAREC t-shirts and rain boots, while their stay last.
  • Pick up and drop off in Iquitos Airport (just for stays from 1 week or more)
  • Free use of inner tubes to float in the Manatee Lake inside RAREC
  • One boat ride in the Amazon River to see pink dolphins (just for stays from 1 week to more).
  • Shared bedrooms for 3 or 5 people in the Villas with A/C and private bathroom, localized 150 meters from the Rescue Center, for those who wants an upgrade in their accommodations.
  • 80 hectares of rainforest to trek and know the fauna and flora of the region
  • Wi-Fi in volunteers and staff areas (You must take into account that being an area within the jungle, the internet signal received does not allow us to navigate on internet sites that require a high data consumption, this generates that the Wi-Fi work slowly. This situation is not very different from the city of Iquitos where you can’t access to a very strong or fast internet signal, unlike modern cities. But the internet signal accomplishes the basic objectives of communication and search on the internet).
  • Each volunteer will be provided with RAREC t-shirts and rain boots, while their stay last.


Please, send us an email to rarec.center.adm@gmail.com and we will send you the details.
Check the comments of our former volunteers here!