“Live-Love-Learn" Volunteer and Internship Programs

How to get involved

If you are looking to volunteer or do your internship in the amazon rainforest, we would love to have you at RAREC!


We invite you to take a gap year as an opportunity to partake in meaningful volunteering opportunities, to take part in our meaningful work and learning opportunities here at RAREC. At our project you will be acquiring professional and soft skills, cultural immersions, to also learning to live independently, all while giving back to our planet and specifically the “Amazon rainforest”. These skills will serve far past your gap time, through the remainder of your professional careers and will be ever lasting memories of a lifetime.

Volunteers make us strong

The Rainforest Awareness Rescue and Education Center offers an unparalleled volunteer program, open to students and conservationists from around the world.

Our program also allows individuals to volunteer in various social change campaigns. While at project you can devote some time to learning other soft skills, such as language learning. You can learn Spanish with our staff and at the same time teach English during our daily environmental education campaigns with local children. Immersion is the most effective way to learn a language or your specialty career; you can take advantage of the numerous opportunities available at RAREC, all while getting in touch with mother nature.

 Our facility in the Peruvian Amazon is located 30 miles from Iquitos, Peru. We are a fully licensed rescue center, and we work in tandem with the Peruvian Government and the Environmental Police based in Iquitos, to coordinate efforts for emergency animal rescues. Volunteers help us in field operations, and in caring for our rescued animals. Volunteers are also invaluable as groups leaders and teachers, in our Community outreach events. The Amazon Communities that neighbor our Center are our allies in conservation, and with the help of volunteers, we give them the tools they need to take an active role in protecting their homes, the Rainforest.

By choosing to be a volunteer, you are making a real, lasting difference for the preservation of the Amazon. Volunteers aid in the preservation of endangered species, in the implementation of education programs and community outreach, and in reforestation efforts. RAREC's approach to conservation seeks not only to defend the present-day Amazon, but to protect the Amazon of the future -- by providing the people with the tools they need to save the Rainforest. And it is our volunteers who help us make the change that the Amazon needs, today.
“Live-Love-Learn" Volunteer and Internship Programs
“Live-Love-Learn Internships” is a new volunteer program that RAREC is giving from 35% to 65% of discount (depending of your staying time) on our volunteering and internship program if you book in during the COVID-19 emergency times. Our volunteering program includes all meals and accommodation for the duration of your stay. Depending on where you live, you may actually find this to be less expensive than your rent and daily expenses back home. With the reservation and payment in advance, you will ensure the same benefits of volunteering at a regular time and you will be free to set your volunteer dates when you want until December 2021, the volunteers who access this opportunity and help us with their contributions at this difficult time, will have priority over others at the time they wish to schedule the date of their stay. If for any reason you can't travel until December 2021 the payment is refundable.
The regular daily contribution that we request is US $ 60, with this offer the daily contribution will be:
US $ 45 daily if the stay is 1 week to 2 weeks
US $ 40 daily if the stay is 3 weeks to 4 weeks
US $ 35 daily if the stay is 5 weeks to 23 weeks
US $ 25 daily if the stay is 24 weeks to 50 weeks
US $ 20 daily if the stay is 51 weeks or more

 The stay includes:

  • Full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You must confirm if you have any special diet such as vegan, vegetarian, or food allergies. Fruits and drinks available anytime.
  • Shared room (rooms for 2 people, 4 people and 6 people), made of concrete and wood, very comfortable, with fan and mosquito net in windows.
  • Electricity all day in all rooms.
  • Shared bathrooms with access to water (We don´t have hot water yet).
  • Very quiet work environment to perform daily activities and relax and study at night.
  • Outdoor recreation room with DVD, games and music.
  • Wi-Fi available in common areas (You must take into account that being an area within the jungle, the internet signal received does not allow us to navigate on internet sites that require a high data consumption, this generates that the Wi-Fi work slowly. This situation is not very different from the city of Iquitos where you can’t access to a very strong or fast internet signal, unlike modern cities. But the internet signal accomplishes the basic objectives of communication and search on the internet).
  • Each volunteer will be provided with RAREC t-shirts and rain boots for daily activities (every volunteer will receive a complimentary RAREC t-shirt at the end of the stay)
  • Pick up from the airport (for stays of one week or more).
  • RAREC is located one hour from the city, in front of the road, which facilitates the departure to different points for tourism, and is located in a jungle area, so we provide comfortable spaces to live and at the same time completely surrounded of the nature. The volunteer can take free days for visit other places in Iquitos when he / she wish, just notify us to do the rescheduling of the activities inside RAREC.

  Activities for volunteers in the Regular Program:

  • Support in rescues of manatees, primates, ocelots and other wildlife animals.
  • Support in cleaning areas, preparation of food and delivery of food, milk for the calves and feeding.
  • Support of Enrichment programs for animals, monitoring the behavior of a group of assigned animals.
  • Search for the native food of certain animals such as insects, plants, flowers. That search can be taking the animals to collect by themselves or collecting it to take it to them cages.
  • In the process adaptation for a possible release, the animals are taken to free areas, this activity is done in shifts and supervised by the staff.
  • Support Animal’s treatment, assistance in the administration of medicines and monitoring of animal health in the clinic.
  • Support in Fruit trees plantation.
  • Support and organize Environmental education in RAREC, and English classes for children in a near school. 
  • Organize Classes of sustainable development activities to generate income.
  • Organize Medical Campaigns for communities.
  • Implementation of Chicken farm, to produce eggs.
  • Implementation of the butterfly enclosure.
Activities for students in the Internship Program

Depending on your area of ​​study, activities can be:

  • Support Animal’s treatment, assistance in the administration of medicines and monitoring of animal health in the clinic.
  • Assist to the Vet in rescues of manatees, primates, ocelots and other wildlife animals.
  • Participation in the tracking through trace transmitters of the animals released to their natural habitat.
  • Supervision in preparation of food, milk for the calves, feeding, and control of the growth and behavior of the animal to detect incidents. 
  • Implementation of Enrichment programs for animals, monitoring the behavior of a group of assigned animals.
  • Implementation of adaptation programs for a possible release, the animals are taken to free areas, this activity is done in shifts and supervised by the staff.
  • Implementation of a research study or observation that you wish to carry out at the request of your study center.
  • Implement improvements in protocols, processes or monitoring formats in favor of animal welfare.
  • Conservation plans for endangered species, support in the development of our conservation plan for spider monkeys and wooly monkeys, threatened species.
  • Implementation of Bio-garden.
  • Implementation of Aquaponics system.
  • Implementation of Orchid’s garden.
  • Implementation of Children’s Forest.
  • Implementation of Scientific Library.
  • Support in organize more training classes in sustainable development activities.
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Please contact rarec.center.adm@gmail.com or reach us via Facebook, for more details, and for more details.