Be a volunteer at RARECIf you are looking to volunteer in the Amazon Rainforest, we would love to have you at RAREC!

Volunteers make us strong

The Rainforest Awareness Rescue and Education Center offers an unparalleled volunteer program, open to students and conservationists from around the world.

Our facility in the Peruvian Amazon is located 30 miles from Iquitos, Peru. We are a fully licensed rescue center, and we work in tandem with the Peruvian Government, and the Environmental Police based in Iquitos, to coordinate efforts for emergency animal rescues. Volunteers help us in field operations, and in caring for our rescued animals.

Volunteers are also invaluable as groups leaders and teachers, in our Community outreach events. The Amazon Communities that neighbor our Center are our allies in conservation, and with the help of volunteers, we give them the tools they need to take an active role in protecting their homes, the Rainforest.

By choosing to be a volunteer, you are making a real, lasting difference for the preservation of the Amazon. Volunteers aid in the preservation of endangered species, in the implementation of education programs and community outreach, and in reforestation efforts. RAREC's approach to conservation seeks not only to defend the present-day Amazon, but to protect the Amazon of the future -- by providing the people with the tools they need to save the Rainforest. And it is our volunteers who help us make the change that the Amazon needs, today.

Reaching out to the Amazon CommunitiesRAREC's volunteer plans

Our volunteer plans are designed to fit your schedule. Whether you plan to volunteer with us for a few days or a few months, RAREC has an option for you. Our programs are also affordable, and all your fees go to completely covering stay expenses, and supporting our conservation programs.

Our volunteer program covers food and lodging in our renovated dorm for volunteers and veterinary course students. Our facility features:

• Shared rooms, with electrical fans, and mosquito screens.
• Internet signal in the dining areas, kitchen and outdoor recreation room.
• Electrical power available all day
• Shared bathrooms with running water and water reservoirs
• Exterior kitchen
• Exterior dining room
• Exterior recreational room, TV, DVD and games.
• Medical lab and infirmary

The RAREC Volunteer Plan includes three meals a day (please notify us of any dietary needs in advance), with fruits and drinks available at any time.

Volunteers are allowed to reschedule their activities in advance, in case they desire to have free days for personal activities -- and there are plenty of things to do in the Peruvian Amazon. We encourage you to enjoy your stay in Iquitos to the fullest!

Please note that we will require a copy of your medical international
insurance card (or certificate), and we strongly recommend that all volunteers, students, and visitors get a yellow fever and malaria shots before coming to the Amazon.

Please contact kathya@rarec.org or reach us via Facebook, for more details, and for pricing.