Veterinary Course


Special program specially aimed to undergraduate students of Veterinary Medicine. This program is offer through our partners World Wide Vets, includes programmed vet practices and lectures through the week in order to have hands-on experience in veterinary practice.


 Activities in the Vet Course

  • Veterinary practices, medical check-ups and lectures previously programmed throughout the week
  • Support in the animal’s treatment, assistance in the administration of medicines and monitoring of animal health 
  • Assist in dog and cat population control, spay and neutering campaigns for communities.
  • Assist our Veterinarians in the rescues of manatees, primates, ocelots and other Wildlife species
  • Professional guide
  • Support in husbandry of different areas
  • Preparation of feeding, monitoring of growth, eating and behavior of the animal to detect any incidents.
  • Implementation of enrichment techniques
  • Visits to other rescue center projects in order to support them with medical reviews to their animals.

Note: In this program, interns will receive theoretical and practical classes scheduled throughout their stay and will assist in all the medical activities guided for our on-site veterinarians.


As a rescue and rehabilitation center, the species that are found at the time you choose to come will not always be the same as they were at other times, nor can we promise that you will find a specific species in rehabilitation.

As part of the veterinary program, other places will be visited where you will have the opportunity to treat other species that are not in RAREC, to offer the participant the opportunity to learn about greater diversity.

Please confirm your interest in this program to send you the Syllabus of the topics to work on.

Conditions required:

  • Professionals or students in Veterinary Medicine
  • Capable of following rules for animals’ wellbeing
  • ≥18 years old
  • Physically and mentally healthy and able to do physical activity in humid environment.
  • Medical insurance
  • Can be booked from a minimum of 1 week to more



Initial Dates: Just Mondays, weeks are counted from Monday to Sunday


The program includes accommodations, all meals and extra activities, please check the details here.



General notes

What is included in the programs:

  • Apart from the above details, all programs include the transportation outside RAREC in case we carry out activities related to the program such as rescues, veterinary care, etc.
  • In addition, the stays of at least one week, include the ride to the Amazon River in a boat to see pink dolphins, which takes place once in your stay.
  • RAREC provides immediate transportation to a medical center in the event of the participant's need, medical expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Guide and advice of the Volunteer Coordinator in your extra activities or tours, on the days-off.

What is not included:

  • International flight tickets to or from Iquitos.
  • Transportation outside RAREC in case of personal affairs or purchases, and days-off.


    Registration Process

    • To apply for a volunteer spot, please send an email to 

    Please be aware that the submission of your application does not guarantee acceptance for a spot in the course, so you should avoid making any travel arrangement until you have received acceptance confirmation from us.

    • You also can register to this Veterinary Course through Woldwide Vets sending an email to

    Booking the Peru Wildlife Internship with Worldwide Vets has several perks. They cover all volunteers with professional/employers liability and indemnity insurance. This covers individuals incase their actions cause any severity of injuries or illness to the animals in their care and accidental property damage. Additionally, they provide 24-7 support to answer any questions you may have, assist you in booking your flights, and provide you advice on packing, travel insurance, etc.