Vet Courses

Training in practical conservation methods at RARECFacing a rapidly changing future in conservation.

A long term vision of conservation goals is necessary in order to protect endangered and threatened species in the Amazon Rainforest. As we work to save endangered wildlife in the present, we must also prepare for the challenges that future generations of conservationists will face in the Amazon of tomorrow.

RAREC's Veterinary Courses are designed to provide students in biology and veterinary sciences with the practical knowledge and experience that they will need, to become conservationists in a rapidly changing world. A multi-layered approach to training that encompasses the many diverse and unique aspects of conservation programs focused in this extremely sensitive region of our planet.

At RAREC, students learn at an operating, fully licensed wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. They work directly with rescued specimens that require specialized care, and help our Center's animal residents recover with the ultimate goal of release back into the wild.

The courses focus on the latest protocols and techniques currently being applied in the care and rehabilitation of different wildlife species.

Please watch this space for further information, or contact us via our Facebook page for details.

Rainforest Awareness, Rescue and Education Center
Iquitos – Peru