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Alongside our Education and Training Center, RAREC is building a Veterinary Clinic. The new Vet Clinic will include a quarantine area, which will greatly help our ability to receive new rescued animals. These new buildings are critical in helping our Center fulfill our conservation mission.

The RAREC Education Center

3D model of our upcoming Education Center
  • An international classroom for Amazon studies, spreading scientific knowledge about the Rainforest.
  • A research facility for veterinary, biology, and life-sciences students and professionals.
  • A school for members of the Amazon Communities, to provide them with useful skills and improve their quality of life.
Ongoing construction of RAREC's Education Building

A key component of RAREC's commitment to the preservation of the Rainforest is to provide education. We seek to educate the Amazonian Communities, to empower them to protect the Amazon, and we seek to educate professionals and students coming to the Amazon, to train and gather knowledge that will help their professional development.

The Education Building aims to host students from all over the world.
Thanks to our supporters, we have begun construction

RAREC's vision is to create an Education Center that will become a beacon of knowledge to conservationists from all over the world. We are focusing our efforts to create a first-class educational facility, ready to build relationships with the world's leading zoos and universities. The Education Center will provide a number of service to academics and professionals from around the world, including the following:

  • Biology and veterinary classes. RAREC has hosted a number of university-level classes and workshops, focusing on animal biology and the care of rescued animals. Because of our unique position as a wildlife rescue center in the Peruvian Amazon, our students are able to gain a close look at rescued animals undergoing rehabilitation. The teachers and students who attend our classes provide us with valuable input on how to better care for our rescued residents, as well.
  • Research opportunities. RAREC has also been privileged to contribute to university students working on their dissertations and thesis. If your field of studies is related to the Amazon, RAREC is a prime location for your research. The Education Center will expand our capacity to host students, and the types of research they are able to conduct.

However, we also wish to put our facility to serve the needs of the Community who has welcomed us. The RAREC Education Center will also teach classes to the children and adults of the Amazon Communities. Our programs for Community members include:

  • English lessons, for schoolchildren. A valuable skill for children to develop. The Education Center program will expand our current English classes program for schoolkids in the Community of Ex-Petroleros.
  • Techniques for sustainable development, to teach people about alternative sources of income, from keychain making, to arapaima farming.
  • Caring for rescued animals, to give members of the Communities an opportunity to directly contribute to the conservation of endangered species. This program also seeks to inspire young people to pursue careers in veterinary medicine, and the biological sciences.
  • After-school programs for high school kids. This program is aimed directly at inspiring young people to engage in healthy and productive activitities, with the ultimate goal of reducing teenage pregnancy rates, and providing opportunities for personal growth beyond the limited opportunities currently available to the youth of the Amazon Communities.
Education is a key aspect of our conservation mission

Construction of the RAREC Education Center has already begun. We are currently seeking to raise funding to complete it, which will include a paved road to greatly improve access. The total we need to raise is US$ 350,000.00.

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If you or your institution would like to make a contribution to education in the Amazon, please contact us via Facebook, or send us an e-mail. Thank you.