Giant Anteater and Tamandua

Sonny the Giant Anteater 
Sonny arrived in late May 2023 as a donation without a backstory. 
She had a cut on her head and had not eaten in days. After a physical check-up, she was declared healthy, just hungry and dehydrated. She was estimated to be around 7 months old. Giant anteaters eat up to 30,000 ants and termites a day in the wild, after testing a lot of different foods, we found the perfect mix and she is doing great! 
Sonny has now moved into her large new enclosure, where she can learn all the behaviours she needs for her potential release! 
You can sponsor Sonny by donating from $5 a month via Paypal or through the RAREC store with a $50 one-off donation, You can also gift the sponsorship to a loved one for $65 and receive the whole sponsorship pack PLUS a keyring handmade here in the Amazon. Sponsor Sonny here!
Maki the Southern Tamandua
When this little Tamandua tetradactyla came to us in August 2023, she was only a few days old, still with the umbilical cord attached. She required feeding every 4 hours, even during the night. She is much bigger now, and has quite a personality, much to the caretaker's relief she has finished her midnight feed and is starting to enjoy more solid foods like banana and orange, mixed in with her milk. The caretakers take her out to explore every day, so she is learning to climb and exhibit natural foraging behaviours, such as searching for ants and termites. She was named Maki, which is the Peruvian word for sushi, because during feeding time she is wrapped up like a little sushi roll. 
You can sponsor Maki by donating from $5 a month via Paypal or through the RAREC store with a $50 one-off donation. Sponsor Maki here!