Save Raina

Save Raina

Her story

Raina the woolly monkey, arriving to RAREC

Our newest woolly monkey arrival (lagothrix lagotricha) arrived in late August, 2019. She was very young, apparently older than two, and no more than three months of age.

She arrived to RAREC with a few GI issues -- clearly, her previous "owner" didn't know how to care for a wild woolly monkey! RAREC's amazing vets treated her, and soon, she was stable. By early September, she was healthy, doing fine, and well on her way to joining our resident woolly monkey troop.

Raina enjoys her food!

We chose to name her "Raina", in honor of the amazing Raina Scobie, who visited our Center in 2018, along with her father, Jason. She was an amazing volunteer, and a wonderful young person. We are grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to provide a bit of life guidance to such a wonderful and talented young lady!

This page is dedicated to Raina, the woolly monkey. We wanted to share her story because she needs your help!

Raina, keeping warm

Help RAREC provide a future for her, and for her species! Woolly monkeys are listed as "threatened", and if we don't stop the trend soon, the entire species is in trouble. We cannot let that happen!

We are currently accepting donations to pay for her enclosure and for her rehabilitation, so that she can, one day, help the preservation of her species! So please, if you are able to at all, help us out!

Save Raina, and help provide a future for the Woolly Monkeys! Let's make sure the world of tomorrow is a happy and welcoming place for them! For Planet Earth!

Thank you!

Raina is doing well, but she needs your help!