Baby Woolly Monkeys


Do you want to meet Raina, Tommy, Abu, Morgan and Cholito?

The are our funny baby woolly monkeys!


These baby woolly monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha) arrived separately in different dates, since July 2019 to February 2020. Currently we are caring for 5 individuals, between 6 to 8 months old.

All of them arrived to RAREC with a few GI issues -- clearly, their previous "owners" didn't know how to care for a wild woolly monkey! RAREC's amazing team treated them, and soon, they were stable. Currently, they are healthy, doing fine, and well on their way to meet each other and join the resident baby woolly monkey troop.


Raina: We chose to name her "Raina", in honor of the amazing Raina Scobie, who visited our Center in 2019 and 2020 again! along with her father, Jason. She was an amazing volunteer, and a wonderful young person. We are grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to provide a bit of life guidance to such a wonderful and talented young lady!


Tommy: He came to RAREC thanks to the coordination of the wildlife authority of the San Martin region, who decided that it was better for him to rehabilitate himself at a rescue center in the Loreto region, and chose us for them. Thanks to all that team for thinking of the best for Tommy!


Morgan and Abu: They were rescued in Iquitos, they were the pet of two different families, who had in common that they did not know that they should not be fed as human beings, which caused them many digestive problems, the task of recovering their health was very arduous but we finally made it!



Cholito: He was rescued by Llerem Pelaez, a nurse in the city of Moyobamba, who along with her husband found him inside a backpack that they threw from a truck. He was very wounded and sick, together they managed to recover him and did everything possible to transfer him to a rescue center where they could give him a good quality of life. They finally succeeded, and Cholito was transferred from Moyobamba to RAREC in Iquitos.


These 5 wonderful creatures have formed a funny and fun troop that put their caretakers in trouble every time they have to enter their area to clean and they do not want to let them out :)



They still need to take formula and a series of supplements to ensure excellent digestion, little by little they have also been introduced to natural foods with a high content of Vitamin C.

The cost of their diet and nutritional supplements is:

 Raina: US$ 14 USD per week

 Tommy: US$ 14 USD per week

 Morgan: US$ 14 USD per week

 Abu: US$ 14 USD per week

 Cholito: US$ 14 USD per week


Please reach out If you're interested in helping us with one of them. You'll receive a Donor’s Certificate and updates of their progress. Thank you for your support!

Please send us your contribution by PayPal, to, you can also donate and name a friend or family member as the Sponsor of them, as a gift.

You can contact RAREC Administrator at  if you require more details about their feeding.