From manatees to river otters to anteaters, Amazonian creatures are illegally captured, taken from their homes, and sentenced to a tragic end. Some will linger for years, in terrible captivity. Others will be slaughtered for food.

Our mission is to stop the poachers, and to give their victims a new lease on life.

The Rainforest Awareness Rescue and Education Center is a certified wildlife rescue center, operating thirty miles from the city of Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon. We are authorized by the Peruvian government to operate as a wildlife center, and we work in close cooperation with the Peruvian Environmental police, to rescue and rehabilitate animals in danger.

A rescue operation can be a quick expedition downtown to pick up an animal being kept in a cage, or a carefully planned expedition to a village deep in the Amazon rainforest. Every single animal we rescue is an important part of the ecosystem, which is why we provide the best possible care to each of our rescued residents.

We never know when the alarm will sound, and Team RAREC is called to the rescue. But we aim to be ready for any situation that we may face in the field. It helps us to count with the support of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers, who come from all over the world to help us give endangered animals a new chance at life in the wild.