Release of Rehabilitated Amazonian Manatees

After a long period of rehabilitation, we will be ready in 2022 to release our 5 rehabilitated Amazonian manatees:

Greg and Jennifer, whose names are in honor of Dr. Gregory Bossart and his wife Jennifer Bossart. Dr. Gregory Bossart was a very well-known researcher in the field of aquatic mammals and supported RAREC in many technical inquiries in times of need.

Rick, named after Mr. Rick Schwartz, President of the Nashville Zoo, institution that has been our principal support in our conservation efforts.

Bui, named after Bui Simon an advocate for children education around the world, and Maynas our youngest manatees, who were successfully weaned in 2020.

Our ally in conservation, the Muyuna Lodge, will be our research base in the post-liberation monitoring of the manatees to ensure their well-being and establish greater knowledge of the Amazonian manatees' life in their natural habitat.