Volunteers make us strong

The Rainforest Awareness Rescue and Education Center offers an unparalleled volunteer program, open to students and conservationists from around the world.

Our program also allows individuals to volunteer in various social change campaigns. While at project you can devote some time to learning other soft skills, such as language learning. You can learn Spanish with our staff and at the same time teach English during our daily environmental education campaigns with local children. Immersion is the most effective way to learn a language or your specialty career; you can take advantage of the numerous opportunities available at RAREC, all while getting in touch with mother nature.
 Our facility in the Peruvian Amazon is located 30 miles from Iquitos, Peru. We are a fully licensed rescue center, and we work in tandem with the Peruvian Government and the Environmental Police based in Iquitos, to coordinate efforts for emergency animal rescues. Volunteers help us in field operations, and in caring for our rescued animals. Volunteers are also invaluable as groups leaders and teachers, in our Community outreach events. The Amazon Communities that neighbor our Center are our allies in conservation, and with the help of volunteers, we give them the tools they need to take an active role in protecting their homes, the Rainforest.

By choosing to be a volunteer, you are making a real, lasting difference for the preservation of the Amazon. Volunteers aid in the preservation of endangered species, in the implementation of education programs and community outreach, and in reforestation efforts. RAREC's approach to conservation seeks not only to defend the present-day Amazon, but to protect the Amazon of the future -- by providing the people with the tools they need to save the Rainforest. And it is our volunteers who help us make the change that the Amazon needs, today.




  Activities for volunteers in the Regular Program:

  • Supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of manatees, primates, ocelots and other wildlife
  • Support in cleaning areas
  • Preparation of food supplements and their delivery to the enclosures
  • Bottle feeding babies and calves
  • Support enrichment programs for animals
  • Monitoring behavior of assigned species
  • Introducing external elements to their enclosures
  • Observing behavioral changes
  • Forage for native foods of animals such as insects, plants, flowers. The search can be taking the animals to forage themselves or collecting leaves and bringing them to their enclosures.
  • Support in the process of adaptation for a possible release, the animals are taken to free areas, this activity is done in shifts and under staff supervision.
  • Implementation of improvements in different common areas such as signs, boards, etc. In order to improve the organization of the rescue center and the staff
  • Organization of environmental education at RAREC, and English classes for children in neighboring schools. Another path to achieve our objectives at RAREC is through environmental education and sustainable development. It is not essential for the volunteers to speak Spanish, as RAREC staff will always be supporting and leading the classes. The volunteers will contribute their ideas and organization of topics to achieve the goal. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice basic Spanish
  • Support in medical campaigns to communities.


As a rescue and rehabilitation center, the species that are found at the time you choose to come will not always be the same as they were at other times, nor can we promise that you will find a specific species in rehabilitation.

We provide help to other rescue centers where there are other species, carrying out environmental enrichment for these animals in other projects.


Qualifications required:

  • No specific experience necessary, but good team working skills are necessary
  • An interest in wildlife conservation
  • ≥18 years old (Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Volunteers should be physically and mentally healthy and able to work in humidity
  • Insurance



Contribution request for Regular Volunteer Program:

In order to make your reservation, please fill the Application Form, send it to rarec.center.adm@gmail.com and confirm you will take the discount.

The program includes accomodations, all meals and extra activities, please check the details here.

Note: The deposit in advance ensures you to reprogram your dates until December 2023 if for any reason you can't travel as planned. If for any reason the participants can´t schedule their travel until December 2023, you can reschedule in the future just paying the rate difference. 



 General notes

What is included:

  • Apart from the above details, all programs include the transportation outside RAREC in case we carry out activities related to the program such as rescues, veterinary care, etc.
  • In addition, for stays of at least one week, it is included one boat ride in the Amazon River to see the dolphins in their habitat.

    What is not included:

    • International flight tickets to or from Iquitos.
    • Visa procedures (Check in this link if you need a visa to enter Perú)
    • Transportation outside RAREC in case of personal affairs or purchases.
    • RAREC provides immediate transportation to a medical center in the event of the participant's need, medical expenses are the responsibility of the participant.


    Registration Process

    To apply for a volunteer spot please follow the steps:

    1. Send an email to rarec.center.adm@gmail.com, we will send you the Application Form.
    2. Fill the Application Form and send it to us, with a short motivation letter, explaining why you would like to participate in the Internship Program with us, including any previous experience in a related area.
    3. Include a photocopy of your passport.

      These documents can be sent to us via email (rarec.center.adm@gmail.com) Please be aware that the submission of your application does not guarantee acceptance for a volunteer position, so you should avoid making any travel arrangement until you have received acceptance confirmation from us.


      Payment Methods

      As soon as you send your completed Application Form, and we confirm your reservation and total donation amount, you can make the deposit through:

      Bank account that will be provided by our email address: rarec.center.adm@gmail.com.

      Official Paypal account caringforthevoiceless@gmail.com (this is the only one we currently use).

      After confirming the receipt of the deposit, we will send you the confirmation of your reservation through a Certificate of Registration.

      If the payment was made in advance, the Registration Certificate ensures an open reservation that can be used on any date until December 2023, with priority to reserve the dates you are going to travel.

      We will also send you the Bio-Safety and Coexistence Regulation and the Guide to prepare your trip to RAREC.