Regular Volunteer Program

Our volunteer programme is primarily for people who do not have a background in animal sciences, but do have an interest in wildlife and conservation - no experience needed! 

Volunteers help us in field operations, in caring for our rescued animals, and are also invaluable as groups leaders and teachers, in our community outreach events, such as teaching English to local children. 


  Volunteer tasks: 

  • Supporting the rescue and rehabilitation primates, felines, sloths and other wildlife animals
  • Support with cleaning enclosures
  • Preparation of food supplements and their delivery to the enclosures
  • Supporting the enrichment programs for the animals
  • Monitoring behavior of assigned species
  • Support of environmental education at RAREC, and English classes for children in neighboring schools.

 IMPORTANT:  You will not be allowed to enter any of the enclosures without the supervision of our staff or handle any of the animals, we have a strict no contact policy.

As a rescue and rehabilitation center, the species that are found at the time you choose to come will not always be the same as they were at other times, nor can we promise that you will find a specific species in rehabilitation.


Conditions required:

  • No specific experience necessary, but good team working skills are necessary
  • An interest in wildlife conservation,
  • Good listening skills and capable of following instructions
  • ≥18 years old (Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Physically and mentally healthy and able to do physical activity in humid environment.
  • Medical insurance
  • Can be booked from 1 night to more.

Start dates: Mondays and Fridays 


Contribution request for Regular Volunteer Program:

Please send us an email to request information about the donation that we request for the operation of our conservation and education projects. You donation will also covers the expenses of the program. 

The program includes accomodations, all meals and extra activities, please check the details here.

Note: Your donation ensures you can change your dates until December 2024 if for any reason you can't travel as planned. 


What is included in the programs:

  • All programs include the transportation outside RAREC for activities related to the program such as rescues, veterinary care, etc.
  • Stays of at least one week, include one ride on the Amazon River in a boat to spot pink river dolphins.
  • RAREC provides immediate transportation to a medical center in the event of the participant's need, medical expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Guidance and advice from the Volunteer Coordinator about activities or tours on your days off.

What is not included:

  • International or national flights to or from Iquitos.
  • Transportation outside RAREC for personal affairs or purchases, and days-off.

Registration Process

To apply for a volunteer spot, please send an email to, we will then send you the Application Form.

    When you fill it in, send it to us via email ( Please be aware that the submission of your application does not guarantee acceptance for a volunteer position, so you should avoid making any travel arrangement until you have received confirmation from us.

    Transfer Methods

    As soon as you send your completed Application Form, and we confirm your reservation and total donation amount, you can make the deposit through:

    Bank account that will be provided by our email address:

    Official Paypal account (this is the only one we currently use).

    After confirming the receipt of the deposit, we will send you the confirmation of your reservation through a Certificate of Registration.

    The Registration Certificate ensures an open reservation that can be used on any date until December 2024 (depending on availability).

    We will also send you the Bio-Safety and Coexistence rules, Welcome to RAREC document and the Travel Guide to prepare your trip to RAREC.