RAREC School

We are dealing with a significant cultural stumbling block which we need to overcome through education, and most importantly, through commitment to continuing education.

For that reason, our most important project is a modern and well-equipped school situated on RAREC´s property, as we support the idea of having quality education.

Currently, we are providing support for local schools and have been helping the children and youth of these communities receive a quality education after school.

In the future education center, our after-school programs aim to tackle the issue on several different fronts. At the end of 5 years, we expect for the communities to be fully trained in caring and conservation of the environment, caring for wildlife, aquaculture, vegetable production, organic fiber handicrafts, reusing and recycling of waste, honey production, management of damaged and reforested areas, English, and computer skills. Above all, we expect the communities to have higher incomes, better access to health care and education, and a commitment to activities with low environmental impact.

Proper education in our community will aid in employment opportunities, eradication of poverty (key issue in environmental depletion), wildlife poaching, deforestation, promoting a  conservation ideology, and fostering sustainable development initiatives. Innovation must be fostered, and new partnerships must be forged with these communities if we truly want to see a change in the current path of the Amazon.

3D design RAREC School project