Our primates

The Amazon is home to a great number of primate species, and we feel blessed to personally know so many of them. Our primate residents are all species of new world monkeys: Saki, spider, and woolly.

Luna is a Monk SakiQuite sadly, wild monkeys are popular pets for local residents. They are captured while very young, often after their mothers are killed. Many of them don't survive for very long, and the ones that do are doomed to a life of feeding on scraps, and living in a tiny cage.

The Environmental Police office in Iquitos often summons Team RAREC, to perform an emergency rescue of a poor primate being abused. We are always ready to jump into action, and there will always be room in our facility for a new resident. but deep in our heart of hearts, we wish there were never any more need for these rescues.


We hope that our environmental education programs will reach the people, and make them realize the importance of letting these monkeys live their lives in their natural home, the Rainforest.