Thor the howler monkey


Thor is an endangered red howler -Alouatta seniculus- primate.

He arrived on December 2019, very dehydrated and brokenhearted.

We're still wondering why howler's haven't moved up in category to critically endangered on the IUCN list. Howlers are rarely seen here.





His condition was very critical at the beginning, being the only rescue of their species, we had to consult with different professionals with experience in their care to formulate an adequate diet that is finally a mixture of the foods that grow naturally in our area and supplements to achieve the nutritional balance he needed and needs so far.

With the tireless work of the RAREC team, we managed to save him and today he is a strong calf with a very obstinate and fun character that has managed to make his caregivers fall in love with him.



The cost of Thor's diet and nutritional supplements is $14 USD a week. I know it doesn't sound like much, but when you have 49 animals it adds up.
Please reach out If you're interested in helping us with Thor. You'll receive a Donor’s Certificate and updates of his progress. Thank you for your support!

Please send us your contribution by PayPal, to, you can also donate and name a friend or family member as the Sponsor of Thor, as a gift.


You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more details about their feeding.