Nikte the Ocelot

Wild cats are often taken from the rainforest and sold as pets. This was the case for Nikte. He is a beautiful juvenile Ocelot who lives further away from the other animals to reduce his contact with humans which we hope will ensure his survival once he is released into the wild. 

For mental and physical stimulation and to monitor his progress, not only does Nikte receive enrichment three times a week, but also gets walked by our caretakers! This is really important for us to monitor his ability to hunt and so that he gets used to being in the wild and acting like a wild Ocelot. 


Nikte’s diet is 100% fresh meat with the administration of supplements once a week. Because of the rising meat prices all around the world, we are asking for donations to support us with Nikte's diet. Please donate to our Paypal account 

You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more details about their feeding.