Meraki the Oncilla

Meraki is our beautiful Oncilla! 


Sadly, wild cats are very commonly sold and bought from the pet trade. Meraki, our Oncilla, is an example of this and unfortunately the effect of this means she is not releasable. She absolutely adores human affection and is unable to hunt for herself, therefore, she will be here at RAREC for life.


Thankfully, a generous donor paid for an amazing new enclosure for her where she spends most of her time napping in her hammock. From this amazing creation, she will have a great life here at RAREC. 

If you would like to become a Godparent to Meraki, please contact us! Her diet consists of fresh meat but because of global rising prices, these costs are increasing. Her diet and supplements cost US$35 per week so if you would like to sponsor her and receive a donor’s certificate and regular updates on her progress, please donate to our Paypal account at 



You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more details about their feeding.