Luna the Saki Monkey

Everyone please meet Luna, she's a monk saki ~ Pithecia monachus ~ which is a species endemic to Brazil and Peru. 

She will be released in the future, but Saki monkeys travel in pairs of a male and a female, and often with a baby. Luna is therefore waiting to find her match to be liberated together. Unfortunately, she is a rare breed to find in captivity, so it has been difficult finding her a match so far.



Thanks to a generous donor, she lives in a fantastic enclosure! It is purpose made for her and she absolutely loves it!

Here she has a balanced diet based on dry fruits and a series of supplements to ensure good digestion. Her favourite foods are pistachios and almonds! If you would like to become a godparent for Luna and help us care for her, the cost of her diet and nutritional supplements is:

US$ 25 USD per week



Please reach out If you're interested in helping us with one of them. You'll receive a Donor’s Certificate and updates of their progress. Thank you for your support!

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You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more details about their feeding.