Lucas the Blue and Gold Macaw

Lucas is our Blue and Gold Macaw, with the scientific came of ara ararauna. He used to be a pet in a restaurant, eating very inappropriate diets every day, but one day was attacked by a dog which injured his wings. From then, he was reported and confiscated by the wildlife authorities in Iquitos. They called RAREC and we rescued him. Due to his injury, he cannot fly so he is not releasable and will stay with us for life.

Lucas absolutely loves the rain! He will stand under a stream of water in his enclosure shouting in pleasure when the rain drips on him! He is a very energetic and expressive bird. To give him the experience of being free, we created a wooden frame which attaches to a tree that we release him on for some hours a few days a week.

You can support Lucas by becoming a sponsor! His diet of fruits, grains and supplements cost around $25 per week. You will also receive a donor's certificate and regular updates on his progress! 

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You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more details about his diet.