Herpetological Research and Conservation Area

We have been working hard and pushing forward in our goal to protect and conserve all species of fauna and flora. We have taken the next step in designing and building our new herpetological research and conservation science facility.

The aim is to raise awareness to international students and academics about the extreme circumstances that the rainforest and its animals are under. This will also allow us to reeducate the local people about the importance of reptiles and amphibians, changing the believed fictional myths into hard facts.

Also, huge efforts will be made at the center to start breeding projects to repopulate areas of the jungle where large numbers of species have been completely wiped out, due to human interference and hunting.

We are aware that in the process there are risks that threaten life, such as the risk of suffering an accident due to poisonous ophidian bites, so we project to built an anti-poison processing unit with the solid objective of helping not only counteract the adverse effects of ophidian accidents, but also to contribute data and knowledge for the investigations that have been carried out around snake venom as a method of mitigating the negative effects of diseases that affect millions of people around the world.