Luxury Villas

This year we created an essential part of our project. We were blessed to have had a contributor fund our luxury vacation villas. The purpose for these leisure villas is to provide the convenience of a hospitable ambience to relax in the midst of the rainforest, and the space to explore the various situations and evolution of our propose, while yet permitting certain comforts that normally wouldn't get while holidaying at a conservation project in the heart of the rainforest.

These villas are perfect for a one-week holiday towards families, environmentalist, zoos and aquariums staff who are committed towards global conservation projects. A chance to reward enterprises staff members or even board delegates to stay with their household and experience firsthand Amazon conservation and all of its core species that we have on site.

The wonderful part is as a guest, you will embrace where you choose your support to go and come and see it in person as completed.



If you want to register in any of our Programs and at the same time you want to enjoy of luxury rooms in the middle of the rainforest, you can get this upgrade into your program.

If you want to get a family vacation this upgrade permit you have all access to our programs and activities, experience your passion and affection for caring for endangered species, and at the same time if the weather gets too warm for you and your group, you can slip away and recline in comfort in the private vacation villas, in the rainforest’s heart, with a breathtaking view of our manatee lake and spider monkey’s island

Also, we are offering important discounts to American zookeepers from accredited zoological facilities into our Luxury Villas. If this is your case, please send us your information and a letter from the zoological facilities where you work proving your identity and the work you do.


  • Pick up and drop off in Iquitos Airport included
  • Full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You must confirm if you have any special diet such as vegan, vegetarian, or food allergies. Fruits and drinks available anytime
  • Electricity all day in all rooms
  • Private bathrooms with access to water and hot water in the showers
  • Personal refrigerators and microwave oven.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Private kitchen for free use
  • Satellite television and A/C
  • Private BBQ area
  • Laundry service
  • Tranquil courtyard
  • Lakeside hammocks
  • Dinning balcony
  • Each guest will be provided with RAREC t-shirts and rain boots, while their stay last.
  • Included a boat ride in the Amazon River or a ride to float down in inner tubes in the Itaya River, which usually takes place on Sundays.

Note: In this program, guests can participate and assist in all the activities part of the Program chosen. Only in the case of participating in the Herpetological Program or if you wish to participate only one or more days in the Herpetological Program, you must deposit an additional US$ 20 per day for the expenses of tours and guide. 


Donation for participation:

US$200 per night in an individual room for 1 person (queen size bed)

US$250 per night in a double or matrimonial room for 2 people (one queen size beds)

US$300 per night in a double or matrimonial room for 2 people (one king size bed or 2 queen size beds)

US$100 extra per person in the same room, maximum 4 people per room (one king size bed + 2 beds of 1 ½ plazas or 4 beds of 1 ½ plazas)

Deposit of the 50 % for reservations.

As you may notice that the longer you stay in our Programs, the lower the rate becomes. Also, we can offer you discounts for these accommodations, if you are interested, please send us a message about the amount of time you are thinking to stay with us and we can send you a proposal and a brochure with more pictures and details.

Please send us a message to