Our conservation center, like the rest of the world, is going through a tough time. We are suffering from something that none of us are responsible for. At this time, we should continue to work together, helping each other, and looking out for one another. The more each of us cultivates compassion in our own lives, the bigger the circle of love and compassion gets and spreads onto each other and into our communities.

Our supporters are making a positive difference in the world, being sensitive to the distress of others. They are showing their social commitment, and not holding back, even though we're all in extremely difficult times, because they understand that Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose.

If you are able to send a donation via PayPal, please send your donation to You can contact RAREC Administrator, Kathya Ribbeck, at if you require more information about the project.


“Live-Love-Learn Internships and Volunteer Program”

Take advantage of our reduced costs for your volunteer ship and obtain your memorable experience in being part of the change in the Amazon rainforest. Your pre-registration will keep this project alive in these difficult times. All dates are adjustable and refundable, if for any reason you can't travel.

Take advantage of our discounted volunteer fees. Click here for more details and send us a message to for more information on our programs, preregister today! We need your support more than ever.


Sponsor a rescued animal

These endangered animals are asking for your support for their nutrition!

The actions of man have placed them in this situation, now they're pleading for support. We're asking for donations only for their nutritional upkeep during this crisis, we are sharing with you the cost for their weekly nutritional intake of their food and vitamin supplement in “Our Residents” section. Right now all basic provisions in Iquitos has gone up 100 to 150 % in costs and that's not including transportation to project RAREC that's an hour outside of the city.

We need your help to ensure their survival while we are shut down due to the current epidemic. Please reach out to us if it's within your possibilities, remember that every lit bit counts and will help us to buy their food. We all thank you ❤




Wear your support for RAREC

Your support through purchases and donations are what's keeping project RAREC afloat during the pandemic. So again thank you very much!

Visit our Online Store and support project RAREC.



Raise funds for RAREC on your birthday or in your office

It’s through small acts of kindness that we as a society can do our part in these difficult times. Please consider doing a fundraising on your birthday with your family circle and friend or a fundraising in your work establishment for our rescues, and be part of the solution, we can all help. We're hoping for contributions to just simply cover their cost of food to keep them alive only until this epidemic passes.

You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more information in order to organize your fundraiser.