Eva is a two-toed sloth -- Bradicus variegatus, approximately six months old. A local resident turned her in, after slaughtering her mother for food. His family had wanted to keep her as a pet, and were trying to feed her bread and milk. Because of the lack of appropriate care, she became ill.

When she arrived, she had a swollen belly (timpanism) and looked quite bad. Our caretakers placed her on rehydration liquids, and a special milk mixture, and she has progressed quite well. She's now eating three times a day, and sleeps in a special enclosure made for her. During the day, she is taken outside her enclosure, so she can spend time on the trees and eat leaves.

EVA 1: Eva en un árbol de guaba, comiendo sus hojas favoritas EVA 2: Eva y nuestra voluntaria Maja Krivec de Eslovenia EVA 3: Eva en uno de sus momentos favoritos del dia EVA 4: Eva en una incubadora que fabricamos especialmente para ella cuando llegó a RAREC EVA 5: Eva encuentra una posición comoda en los arboles y duerme la mayor parte del dia EVA 6: Eva y nuestra voluntaria Shaked Rashkovits de Israel
Eva on a guava tree, munching on her favorite leaves.
Volunteer Maja Krivec from Slovenia, caring for Eva.
Eva during one of her favorite times od fay.
Eva, in an incubator specially designed for her, when she arrived to RAREC.
Eva finds a comfortable pose in the trees, and she sleeps most of the day.

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