The Sloths


Eva is a two toed sloth, Choloepus hoffmanni, approximately six months old. A local resident turned her in, after slaughtering her mother for food. His family had wanted to keep her as a pet, and were trying to feed her bread and milk. Because of the lack of appropriate care, she became ill.

When she arrived, she had a swollen belly (timpanism) and looked quite bad. Our caretakers placed her on rehydration liquids, and a special milk mixture, and she has progressed quite well. She's completely rehabilitated, so she enjoys her days eating in the trees and watching the beautiful nature around RAREC.



Osita is a three toed sloth, Bradypus variegatus, she was saved by a group of students from the Peruvian University of the Amazon, who were interns in January 2020. They knew that she was a family’s pet in Iquitos city, this family was looking for a place to take her because she looked very sick.

The students were able to save her, bringing her to RAREC where she was administered the fluids and medicines necessary to stop the tympanism from which she was already suffering. Osita has recovered favorably with the care of the staff and volunteers, and is now in good health. She is still given fluids, supplements and is under observation as she is in transition living in semi-captivity. She's now eating three times a day, and sleeps in a special enclosure made for her. During the day, she is taken outside her enclosure, so she can spend time on the trees and eat leaves.

Very soon, she will be able to join the already rehabilitated sloths that inhabit the trees of RAREC in freedom.

The costs to buy Osita’s supplements and fluids is:

US$ 10 per week

If you want to sponsor Osita, you can support us for one week or more, any help is very important for us. Please send us your contribution by PayPal, to, and send us a message about the resident you want to sponsored, we will send you a Donor's Certificate and keep you updated. You can also donate and name a friend or family member as the Sponsor of Osita, as a gift.



You can contact RAREC Administrator at or if you require more details about their feeding.