Environmental Education


Take a look at our long-awaited project to provide conservation education to children and young people residing in areas close to the natural habitats of threatened species, offering them opportunities and good examples to follow, taking advantage of the time they have after regular school hours.


RAREC supports the idea of having quality education in its neighboring communities: if we intend to put an end to illegal wildlife traffic.

We believe that we should ensure every child receives a quality education in the Amazon, to ensure its preservation. It is known that the educational system has many deficiencies in the country, especially in areas of civility, care for the environment, coexistence in community and skills to create your own eco-friendly job for the youth. Proper education in our community will aid in employment opportunities, eradicating poverty (key issue in environmental depletion), wildlife poaching, deforestation, promote a conservation ideology and foster sustainable development initiatives. Innovation has to be harnessed, and new partnerships must be forged with these communities if we truly want to see a change in direction that the Amazon is currently heading towards.



Today’s students need to adapt “twenty-first-century skills,” like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, sustainable/eco-friendly skills, digital literacy and an environmentalist ideology. Learners of all ages need to become familiar with new eco-friendly technologies and understand that the Amazon is rapidly decreasing. Educated people are aware of the socioeconomic scenario of the country and can help in the progress of the country, while still conserving the Amazon rainforest.

Whether it is a simple thing like not throwing trash in the street, using water sparingly or not cutting trees down (to collect its fruit) or even eating endangered wildlife, (instead of raising a more sustainable protein source), the educated mass knows how to contribute towards the Amazon's well-being.



People who aren’t educated don’t have clues about these facts as they haven’t been in a learning environment. RAREC is convinced that our educational efforts will play an increasingly important role in resolving environmental issues in the Peruvian Amazon.

 Community Education programs

Keychain making workshop for the mothers of the Community of Ex-Petroleros, organized by Ana Gamero, volunteer from Lima, Peru

Classroom for kids' environmental education

Children attending a class about butterfly breeding


Reaching out to school kids
Environmental class against illegal traffic in Iquitos city, Peru


Successful efforts in species and environmental conservation depend on education. This is why RAREC is spearheading education programs that bring educational opportunities to the people living close to the species that we wish to protect.

RAREC offers environmental education classes to school children of all ages, and we offer classes in sustainable development to the mothers of the communities near the habitats of key species. We teach English courses, and we run a program offering after-school activities for children and young people in the communities' schools.





Our programs to offer education to the Communities runs parallel to our program offering science courses for professionals in the fields of veterinary medicine, biology, and related life sciences.

Finally, RAREC seeks to reach out to the international community via social media, in order to inform the world about the need to preserve the Amazon. Complacency is the enemy of change, and sometimes, it's necessary to face uncomfortable truths. But thanks to the courage of followers across the world, we are succeeding in making the plight of the Amazon known to more and more people. Only by working together will we be able to achieve the change that the Amazon needs for the future.

Help us to continue to teach and inspire our local communities.

Our conservation programs are funded by the generous contributions of conservationists around the world. If you are able to send a donation via PayPal, please send your donation to caringforthevoiceless@gmail.com. Or you can check the educational material that we need, in our Wish List.


You can contact Kathya Ribbeck, our Administrator, at rarec.center.adm@gmail.com if you require more information about the project. All our donors enter a database, to whom we send monthly updated information on the progress of the project and more information on the conservation efforts of the Amazon.

Thank you!