Laura the spider monkey


Laura the endangered spider monkey, Ateles chamek, was rescued by our partners, Equipo Primatologico Loreto and sent to RAREC in August 2019. She came along with her partner TaeTae, on a commercial flight from the region of San Martin Peru. TaeTae and Laura had both been destined to a life of alcohol and fried table scraps on a daily basis for the first 4 years of their lives; their captors had purchased as pets for amusement at the restaurant where they were rescued from.

Sadly, Tae Tae didn't transition well and passed away from liver and kidney failure at RAREC, leaving Laura behind in a deep state of depression. Anyone who has volunteered at RAREC knows how frustrating it has been to get Laura to eat since Tae Tae's death. Laura has also shown a necessity to reach out and grasp caretakers for comfort, to compensate for her emptiness of Tae Tae passing (It almost seemed hopeless for her). But all of our staff's and volunteer's dedication to amend her broken heart, has given her the strength to keep living and has progressively started to eat again.

Laura, arriving to our Center


 Now, Laura is finally eating a healthy diet and her coat is finally starting to grow and shine. But we're certain she still feels the pain from the loss of her partner, TaeTae.




Please consider sponsoring Laura during RAREC's financial pressures due to COVID-19 or you can also show your support by purchasing a TaeTae sweater or T shirt.




Please contact us if you would like to be her godparent and help us care for her during this crisis. She needs a balanced diet based in dry fruits and a series of supplements.

The cost of her diet and nutritional supplements is:

US$ 17 USD per week

Please reach out If you're interested in helping us with one of them. You'll receive a Donor’s Certificate and updates of their progress. Thank you for your support!

Please send us your contribution by PayPal, to, you can also donate and name a friend or family member as the Sponsor of them, as a gift.

You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more details about their feeding.