Our rescued animals depend on the support from concerned environmentalists like you. Thank you very much for helping us out!

We accept cash donations, and we also accept supplies and other items delivered to our Center. You can also support us by purchasing a keychain, or by buying RAREC merchandise -- help spread the word about our programs!

If you would like more info to donate much needed supplies, food for our younger animals, or medicines for our rescues, please contact us via Facebook for details or read the following options to support the project. Thank you!


Sponsor a Resident

We would be honored if you can sponsor some of our rescues. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to find sponsors for all the others.

Iquitos is basically an island, where most of all the city's fruits, vegetables and supplies are either flown in to us, or brought in by boat making them sometimes 30 to 50% more expensive than any other of the 26 provinces in the country of Peru.

You can see our rescued animal’s profiles in “Our Residents” details to coordinate a symbolic adoption for each of our 48 rescues that we're currently caring for. We want to show you how they arrived and how well they've improved. The cost of each animal’s food varies from 4 to 38 dollars a week, depending on which animal and species it is.

All sponsors will receive a Donor’s Certificate and monthly videos and pictures of their symbolic adopted animal to show you our appreciation.

You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more information about the cost and food details of each resident.


Wish List

RAREC is located in Iquitos, Peru. There are many supplies and equipment that we have to bring from Lima, Peru’s Capital because we cannot find them in Iquitos, although the prices are higher than in USA or other countries. Because of this, there are often equipment and supplies that are difficult to get for us.

Shop our Amazon Wish Lists below and send the items to our RAREC friend’s address in USA. Who will receive and save the donations to send them to Peru once a month.

How you can help?

  • Buy an item from our wishlist.
  • Donate the money necessary to purchase an item from our wishlist.
  • If you are traveling to Peru, offer to carry wishlist items with you, we will pick them up in Lima.

 Amazon Wishlist:

Recipient’s Name: John Garnica

Delivery Address: 553 Virginia Ave. Jefferson GA 30549, USA



Raise funds for RAREC on your birthday or in your office

You can create a birthday fundraiser, as a way to give to our cause on your special day. Or you can organize a group fundraiser in your office with your colleagues. Please, consider choose RAREC as the organization you'd like to raise money for, then asking colleagues, friends and family members to donate to your fundraiser instead. We will be happy to send you pictures and other information you need to encourage your friends to support us. And we will send them a personal Certificate of Donor and updates from our project.

You can contact RAREC Administrator at if you require more information in order to organize your fundraiser.