Daniel the otter


Daniel is a giant river otter pup. He had been poached and sold to a lodge, which intended to exhibit it in their private zoo for tourists. We found him in a sack, malnourished, dehydrated, and very shaken. 

Daniel arrived to us in September 2018, from a tip through our wildlife rescue WhatsApp chat that we have here in the Amazon. We were sent pictures of what appeared to be an otter inside a sack on a boat, that was docked in the port of Nauta (a small town 65 miles (ca. 105 km) outside of Iquitos) destined for a lodge.

We quickly sent the images to the corresponding wildlife entity (ARA) and got an immediate reaction and confiscation by those authorities of a sloth and an otter.

Quickly we got our team together, along with 3 volunteers and went to the ARA offices in Nauta, and found to our surprise that we had a 3-month-old GIANT RIVER OTTER on our hands.



Giant river otters are very social animals. In the wild, they live in groups, and have developed a language of sorts -- they are very vocal. Daniel is no exception, and he constantly "speaks" at his caretakers for attention, playtime, and food.

RAREC has learned of other giant river otters currently in need of relocation to a wildlife center. We hope to build a facility for a future family of otters, so they can be released all at once -- it will not be possible to release Daniel by himself, since he is very unlikely to survive. This would be the immediate goal in our otter rehabilitation program.

During these past 18 months, we've had the privilege to be able to show Daniel how to swim, eat, and catch live fish, and what our staff loves most of all, is show him what feels like to swim in a social group as he would be doing in the wild, since he would normally be with no less than four up to nine members in a group.

 After Daniel's arrival, we've never had silence at RAREC ever again, he can be heard on every voice note that we send and everyone loves it, he has stolen all of our heart's. With his charming ways, and vocal antics, Daniel has quickly become a favorite of our volunteers and our online followers.


Daniel, today.


Daniel's diet is based on 100% fresh or live fish, with the administration of some supplements once a week.

 The problem in these difficult times is that the reserves in our lagoons are finished, and without being able to renew our supplies of live fish for our lagoons, we are in the need to buy fish in the markets, prices have currently reached 300% more than normal. He requires 3 kilos of fish a day, and in his case we cannot replace this food with any other, so he is currently our most difficult resident to keep safe and sound.

 US$ 35 per week

 If you want to sponsor Daniel, you can support us for one week or more, any help is very important for us. Please send us your contribution by PayPal, to caringforthevoiceless@gmail.com, and send us a message about the resident you want to sponsored, we will send you a Donor's Certificate and keep you updated. You can also donate and name a friend or family member as the Sponsor of Daniel, as a gift.  


You can contact RAREC Administrator at rarec.center.adm@gmail.com, if you require more details about their feeding.