Daenerys the Ocelot


Daenerys is a female ocelot, and she arrived to RAREC in September 2017. She was approximately 3 or 4 months old. A local resident was keeping her as a pet, he had bought her from a poacher that killed the mother ocelot. The "owner" didn't know what to feed Daenerys, and when she got sick, he took her to the veterinarian. The vet did the right thing, and told him that the ocelot would have to be turned to the authorities, so the owner surrendered her to the environmental authorities, who in turn called RAREC.

Team RAREC picked her in in Iquitos, and we took her to the same vet. She was malnourished and dehydrated, and weighed only 400 grams -- less than a pound. She still had her baby blue eyes. When she arrived, she was fed with Milk Matrix, and raw eggs, and slowly we got introduced raw chicken and beef. She quickly gained weight, and she started to become very strong. She's well behaved, but she plays very rough. Only volunteers with quick reflexes and a firm grip are allowed in her enclosure. She's fond of suckling on people's fingers.

Daenerys, during a morning walk.
Daenerys, during her first days at RAREC.
RAREC Administrator, Kathya Ribbeck, giving her treatment when she arrived to RAREC
RAREC Director John J Garnica, taking Daenerys on a jungle walk.


In the end of 2022, Daenerys was released into the wild! We hope that she has a fantastic life.