Our rescued residents need your help!Our rescued animals depend on the support from concerned environmentalists like you. Thank you very much for helping us out!

We accept cash donations, and we also accept supplies and other items delivered to our Center. You can also support us by purchasing a keychain, or by buying RAREC merchandise -- help spread the word about our programs!

If you would like to donate much needed supplies, food for our younger animals, or medicines for our rescues, please contact us via Facebook for details. Thank you!


Our conservation programs are funded by the generous contributions of conservationists around the world. If you are able to send a donation via PayPal, please send your donation to

Thank you!

Wear your support for RAREC

We are now offering RAREC merchandise for sale! Our keychains and handicrafts are made by the people of the Amazon communities that we work with. By purchasing a keychain, you are directly helping the communities that help us protect the Rainforest.

You can visit our store here.