Conservation Impact



One of the conservation objectives of the species is to achieve the return to the natural habitat of the rehabilitated individuals. After a long process, some species can achieve this return successfully.

Our next liberation project is that of 2 adult Amazonian manatis, fully developed and in good health to be returned to their natural habitat. This process ended last year and we have worked with communities near the launch area since 2018.

For now, this project has been on hiatus due to the consequences of sanitary measures against COVID-19 in the country. We are forced to reorganize the scheduled date of manatees Gregory and Jennifer's release.

The wonderful team at the Georgia aquarium was very kind to ship us our tracking collars, due to not being able to bring them from the postponement of our wildlife conference this year. Unfortunately Peru's cancellation of international flights has also been an obstacle, and the collars have been waiting to depart from the UPS warehouse in Florida for several weeks.

We're doing everything possible and crossing our fingers for an October release, while the Amazon river levels are adequate.

For this amazing project we count with the support of amazing institutions as the Muyuna lodge, the Georgia Aaquarium, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, A.M.P.A de Brasil, I.M.P.A de Brasil and the Nashville Zoo.


Previous and continuous Education, Medical and Training Campaigns in the release area