Bui the manatee

Bui was rescued in July 2018. Her rescue was so dramatic, it made the national news.

Bui had been poached by fishermen, who had killed her mother, and captured her. She was being transported in a freezer, so that she could be slaughtered for meat.

By sheer luck, the boat where she was being transported was randomly searched by the Environmental Police, who found her, and immediately contacted RAREC.

Bui was found in extremely poor shape, with her skin covered in wounds, dehydrated, and hungry. But miraculously, she survived!


Against all odds, Bui has made an amazing recovery. All of us at the Center are smitten with our little miracle, our ray of hope, our inspiration. We decided to name her "Bui" in honor of Bui Simon, a philanthropist and the head of the Angels Wings Foundation, which provides educational opportunities for needy children. Bui is a bright light of hope in the world, and an inspiration to us, which is why our Bui is named after her.

Bui being cared for by volunteersBui being cared for by volunteers
Kevin Hoffman from Canada and Eleyah Melamed from Israel, volunteers who provided critical assistance during key stages in Bui's rehabilitation
Bui when she was found
Bui was found in a cooler full of filthy water, and no space to move
Bui when she arrived
Bui when she arrived
Bui's condition during her first medical check, shorly after being rescued
Bui recovered
Bui recovered
Bui responded well to her medical treatment, and her recovery has been successful
Presentation at SILAMA
RAREC founder John Garnica, RAREC administrator Kathya Ribbeck, RAREC veterinarian Dr. Jose Nolasco, and Dr. Heather Robertson and Dr. Sabrina Barnes from the Nashville Zoo, attending the Latin American Manatee Symposium (SILAMA), for RAREC's presentation on Bui's treatment protocol.


To keep Bui and her friends in good health and continue their rehabilitation, we require formula and supplements to feed them. Currently, the cost of the 2 manatee calves that we care for is:

Bui: US$ 25 per week

Maynas: US$ 25 per week

And the cost of the 3 adult manatees who no longer take formula, but that we must maintain with a sufficient quantity of aquatic plants, given the speed with which they eat we must transport the plants from other places to supply our lagoons. This cost is necessary until the work of the respective institutions is re-established and we can finish with the release plan that was paused because of COVID-19.

Gregory: US$ 10 per week

Jennifer: US$ 10 per week

Rick: US$ 10 per week

If you want to sponsor Bui or her friends, you can support us for one week or more, any help is very important for us. Please send us your contribution by PayPal, to caringforthevoiceless@gmail.com, and send us a message about the resident you want to sponsored, we will send you a Donor's Certificate and keep you updated. You can also donate and name a friend or family member as the Sponsor of Bui or her friends, as a gift.


You can contact RAREC Administrator at rarec.center.adm@gmail.com if you require more details about their feeding.