Bui the manatee calfBui was rescued in July 2018. Her rescue was so dramatic, it made the national news.

Bui had been poached by fishermen, who had killed her mother, and captured her. She was being transported in a freezer, so that she could be slaughtered for meat.

Miraculously, she survived! And by sheer luck, the boat where she was being transported was randomly searched by the Environmental Police, who found her, and immediately contacted RAREC.

Against all odds, Bui has made an amazing recovery. All of us at the Center are smitten with our little miracle, our ray of hope, our inspiration. We decided to name her "Bui" in honor of Bui Simon, a philanthropist and the head of the Angels Wings Foundation, which provides educational opportunities for needy children. Bui is a bright light of hope in the world, and an inspiration to us, which is why our Bui is named after her.