Manatee Tracking Project

Tracking post-release manatees in the Amazon

For over a year, we’ve been tracking manatees Gregory and Jennifer. While there’s another year of battery life left in their “collars”,  we use the VHF trackers generously donated by the Georgia Aquarium to log their location every day.

We were supported by Diogo de Souza, a specialist in Amazonian Manatees; MVZ Edmundo Parada, our own vet; Dr Jose Nolasco, our partner vet in Iquitos; Dr Gemma Campling and Bailey Romi RVTg, experienced vet from Worldwide Vets along with vet students, who all played a part in monitoring the manatees in transit of Jennifer and Gregory, two Amazonian manatees, release back in April 2023.

A great thank you to Alfredo Dosantos and Grand Amazon Lodge who gives food and board to our biologists to be able to carry out the monitoring of the manatees for two years. Thank you to Sarah Farinelli , an expert in tracking and monitoring manatees, who has been taught our biologists how to carry out the research and will be supporting the continued project for the upcoming years.

Thank you to all our international allies who gave valuable advice, financial support and encouragement throughout this process. This includes Save the Manatee Club Nashville Zoo Georgia Aquarium Chattanooga Zoo Louisville Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. Finally, thank you to Dr Gregory Bossart for your incredible life expanding our knowledge of wild animals. This release is dedicated to you.

RAREC currently has the support of two incredible young biologists, Ayato Acosta and Jorge Ramírez, graduates of the Peruvian University of the Amazon (UNAP). They are responsible for daily manatee monitoring, taking the adventures and challenges of the location in their stride. The residents of San Juan de Yanayacu, accompany Ayato and Jorge daily in this difficult task. Every day, they navigate different lagoons and streams by boat, sometimes on foot when the vegetation becomes too thick, carrying heavy equipment for kilometres deep into the jungle to reach the last reported location of the manatees.

Due to a sudden loss of signal on one of the manatees, we recently rented a plane to continue our research on the manatee project. This unplanned expense strained our already tight budget, but our commitment to understanding the migration cycles of these gentle giants is unwavering. The Director of RAREC, along with Biologists Ayato and Jorge, and Conservation Intern, Tia all went on on the expedition to find the missing manatee. Unfortunately the search is still on. With your continued support, and donations to volunteer with RAREC, we can continue to fund this amazing project. 

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