Animal Caretaker

Full-time, Paid, Food and accommodations included.

Recruiting for 2 position. One long-term contract, one 3 month contract until July.

General tasks are: 

  • Teach, supervise and lead participants of the Long-Term Caretaker Internship in assigned tasks, they are part of the Caretakers team.
  • Teach, supervise and lead regular volunteers in assigned tasks (temporary help)
  • Teach, supervise and lead vet students when they are helping in husbandry (as part of the Vet Program)
  • Give lectures about conservations topics to interns and volunteers.
  • Coordinate the participants of the Long-Term Caretaker Internship to give conservation lectures.
  • Prepare and organize with the responsible for projects as camera traps, enrichment projects, introduction of a new member of a troop, etc.
  • Lead and organize to a responsible in the preparation of food and water for animals. 
  • Review of the effectiveness of the diets with the Veterinarians,
  • Keep and teach the caretakers team how to keep nursery and quarantine records. 
  • Coordinate and lead the daily cleaning of enclosures, animal sleeping areas, kitchen and storage areas. 
  • Monitoring the deep disinfection of dens and enclosures (pools, ropes, tires, hammocks), following the protocols, with biosecurity, when is necessary.
  • Observation and general management of wildlife animals’ health following standard operating procedures (Daily Sanctuary Rounds) informing the Head Vet.
  • Monitoring of enclosures, dens (internal structures, doors, slides, roofs, tabs) twice a day, in shift with professionals in charge of other areas.
  • Evaluate the separation or recycling of organic waste, plastics, cardboard, etc. at the quarantine area, animal’s kitchen, nursery area, etc.
  • Monitor the enrichment program on a weekly basis.
  • Monthly enrichment reports to the director/manager.
  • Responses to identified health problems may include dispensing medication.
  • Support during rescue events and similar activities if possible. Report abnormal conditions to the rest of the Team. 
  • Report maintenance needs to Administration
  • Plan and coordinate conservation projects with your team specially those aimed to prepare the releases.
  • Plan and coordinate environmental education with Volunteer Coordinator and your caretakers’ team
  • Plan animal releases in coordination with the director, veterinarians and biologists at the biological station.
  • In charge of the planning and performance of training animals for future release and operant conditioning for animals that are not possible to release.
  • Inventory and management of equipment and supplies
  • Management of caretaker staff (weekly meetings, coordinating day off and activities).
  • Monitoring biosecurity and health of care staff specially when they are in direct contact with primates and animals in quarantine and nursery. 

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