Conservation Internship Program

Gain experience to become a professional in conservation

This program is designed to provide participants with the practical knowledge and experience that they will need to become professionals in conservation. They work with rescued species that require specialized care, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild, and help our resident animals, unable to be released, to have a healthy and enriched life.

This internship is aimed at professionals or students of any career related with Animal Sciences, Animal Care and Husbandry or Wildlife Conservation. You can use this internship to improve your resume, better your skills and practical experience. We recommend a longer stay for the best experience, there are also discounts for longer stays. The participants of this program, in addition to participating in all animal welfare activities, are guided by our professionals to obtain specific objectives or complete projects that are required to accomplish their professional goals.

Quick Facts

Internship Program tasks

  • Supporting the rescue and rehabilitation primates, felines, sloths and other wildlife animals
  • Support with cleaning enclosures
  • Preparation of food supplements and their delivery to the enclosures
  • Supporting the enrichment programs for the animals
  • Monitoring behavior of assigned species
  • Support of environmental education at RAREC, and English classes for children in neighboring schools
  • Observing behavioral changes
  • Foraging for native foods of animals such as insects, plants, flowers
  • Support in the camera traps project
  • Support in the maintenance or improvement of enclosures and paths for animal’s walks
  • Support in the rehabilitation process, some animals may be taken from their enclosures for exercise and to practice wild behaviors, this activity is done in shifts and under staff supervision.
  • Learn about wildlife rehabilitation 
  • Monitoring released manatees (for stays longer than 1 month): manatees are followed by VHF technology in their natural habitat for up to 4 days. 

As a rescue and rehabilitation center, the species that are found at the time you choose to come will not always be the same as they were at other times, nor can we promise that you will find a specific species in rehabilitation.


  • Professionals or students in Animal Sciences, Wildlife Conservation or related careers
  • Good listening skills and capable of following instructions
  • 18 plus years old
  • Physically and mentally healthy and able to do physical activity in humid environment.
  • Medical insurance
  • Rabies and tetanus vaccination
  • Can be booked from a minimum of 2 weeks to more
  • Letter about your professional expectations throughout your stay

IMPORTANT: You will not be allowed to enter any of the enclosures without the supervision of our staff or handle any of the animals, we have a strict no contact policy.

Conservation Internship Program - feeding animals
Conservation Internship Program - outside cages

Included in all programs

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You must confirm if you have any special diet such as vegan, vegetarian, or food allergies before arrival. 
  • Very quiet work environment to perform daily activities and relax and study at night. 
  • Outdoor recreation room with fan, hammocks, movie projector, board games. 
  • Outdoor dining room with a free use kitchen, refrigerator for personal food and drinks, coffee maker and microwave. 
  • Laundry room,
  • Wi-Fi in volunteers and staff areas. 
  • Each volunteer will be provided with RAREC t-shirts and rain boots for their stay. 
  • Pick up and drop off in Iquitos Airport (just for stays from 1 week or more)
  • One boat ride on the Amazon River to see river dolphins (just for stays from 1 week or more).
  • Basic accommodation is included but you can choose to upgrade your room for an extra fee.
  • RAREC provides immediate transportation to a medical center if needed, medical expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Guidance and advice of the Volunteer Coordinator for your extra activities or tours on your days-off. If your group want the Volunteer Coordinator to accompany you outside RAREC, have to take cover their expenses (transport, entrance fees and food).

Not Included in al programs

  • Volunteers are responsible for arranging and paying for their own international and national flights.
  • Transportation outside RAREC in case of personal affairs or purchases, and days-off is not included.
  • Tickets or any expenses outside RAREC are not included. 
  • Travel Visas

Common Room


Dolphin Trip (Visits of one week or more)

Volunteer with us

There are multiple options to volunteer and work with us here at RAREC. We want to offer the experience to as many people as possible, from every background and skill level. Have a read through the options below and contact us to apply!

Apply To Volunteer

Send your details to us and we’ll be in touch to confirm your volunteering and let you know the donation amount to pay before you arrive.

Please be aware that the submission of your application does not guarantee acceptance for a volunteer position, so you should avoid making any travel arrangement until you have received confirmation from us.