Conservation Augmented Reality

RAREC's conservation Augmented Reality

The use of art, technology and visual aids enhance our ability to connect with the world. Here in the Amazon jungle, technology is very basic so it is a great way to introduce the next generation to modern technology and how we can use it to improve the future of the jungle as well as our own knowledge.

Our amazing paintings come to life with important conservation messages in both English and Spanish, reaching every visitor who comes to our center with our new RAREC app.
Another important aim for these classes includes to teach about our work here at RAREC so that the locals know what we are doing and how we can all work together to protect our home. We hope that in the future we can provide jobs or support within higher education for our students that want to learn further within this field. We aim to open their eyes to the available ethical job opportunities and how they can dedicate their lives to conserve the planet.

RAREC is committed to educating visitors about the current conservation methods being used to protect the animals of the Amazon rainforest. With your support, we can make a real difference in preserving these incredible creatures for future generations. While RAREC has come quite far with the support from volunteers, we need more committed institutions involved to truly make an impact and create positive change in the Amazon Rainforest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something truly special. Your donations will contribute to the expansion of educational programs and infrastructure for the children of our neighboring communities.
We believe that by educating and empowering them, and showing our community sustainable development programs, we can hope to end illegal wildlife trade and preserve the Amazon for generations to come.

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Our conservation programs are funded by the generous contributions of conservationists around the world.

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