Spotlight on Daniel

Posted by Luis Sosa on

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Peru's largest newspaper recently featured a story about Daniel, the giant river otter.

You can read the story here -- link in Spanish.

The article casually mentions Bui, the manatee, as well. Both Daniel and Bui were rescued with the help of the Peruvian environmental authority, which entrusted RAREC with caring for and rehabilitating the rescued animals, for future release back into the wild.

As the article reports, Daniel has recovered quite nicely. He's one of our most popular residents -- and one of our most demanding, as well. In nature, giant river otters are very social and very vocal, and Daniel needs the interaction with our staff and volunteers. We're quite happy to oblige, of course! We'll gladly be Daniel's troop while we assemble a troop of otters for a group release. This will become necessary, since giant river otters need to return to nature in groups. Releasing Daniel all by himself would be extremely dangerous for him, even deadly.

As Daniel grows, and as his future family begins to gather, the otters will require an appropriate facility to stay, while they prepare to return to the wild. Please support our otter release program, and our other conservation programs as well, by purchasing a keychain or a t-shirt. Many designs are currently available. Wear them with pride!


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