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This is our Dream team that currently caring for the voiceless!

Head Caretaker


Hi, I am Claire and I have been working as an animal caretaker at RAREC for a year now. Prior to coming here, I had over two years’ experience working in wildlife rescue centres in South America and came to RAREC as a volunteer for an opportunity to learn. I was offered a job after 3 weeks because of my previous experience. My favourite part about working for RAREC is knowing that we are giving the animals a second chance to be released to the wild and start their life again. 


Hello, I’m Sofia. I have been at RAREC since the end of January 2023. Before coming here, I have had over a year’s experience, specifically with primates, in Cornwall, England and another sanctuary with more of a range of animals in Italy. I am specifically interested in behaviour in natural environments compared with in captivity, human impact, and rehabilitation. Working in RAREC will be a great opportunity to improve my experience and knowledge within these interests and with a wider range of wildlife animals in their native environments.



My name is Edmundo and I started working at RAREC in February 2023. I graduated as a qualified Vet in the summer of 2021 and now have extensive experience in medical clinics in the field. I have a passion for wild animal medicine, conservation of species, care of the planet and administering educational workshops. Here in RAREC, I am looking forward to working with South American species and sharing my knowledge with the future generation of veterinary professionals. So far while being here, I have unlocked a love for working with manatees and hope my knowledge of the species continues to grow and support the research we have of these endangered animals.

Volunteer Coordinator and Environmental Educator

I am Hannah, I joined the RAREC team in January 2023. I have been in Peru since August 2023 and love the country and people. I enjoy introducing our volunteers and interns to Peru, Iquitos and RAREC, giving recommendations on what to do and acting as a translator when needed. I also run the Environmental Education sessions for children in the Iquitos region and I believe that better education provided to the next generation can save the Amazon rainforest. I hope that while at RAREC we can start to see a change in the mindset of children and teenagers in regards to conservation, littering and the treatment of animals, both pets and wild. 


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