Spotlight on Daniel

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Peru's largest newspaper recently featured a story about Daniel, the giant river otter. You can read the story here -- link in Spanish. The article casually mentions Bui, the manatee, as well. Both Daniel and Bui were rescued with the help of the Peruvian environmental authority, which entrusted RAREC with caring for and rehabilitating the rescued animals, for future release back into the wild. As the article reports, Daniel has recovered quite nicely. He's one of our most popular residents -- and one of our most demanding, as well. In nature, giant river otters...

RAREC will publish a scientific paper on manatee health

A veterinary study authored by RAREC with the cooperation of a team of international veterinarians has been accepted for exposition at the Latin American Manatee Symposium -- SILAMA 2018. This recognition highlights RAREC's commitment to scientific research as an integral part of our conservation goals. By improving protocols for the care of manatees undergoing rehabilitation, we are better able to secure the survival of the species in the wild. We would like to invite you to Lima, Peru, this November 4th, to see our presentation. We hope to see you there!

Flashback: Rescuing Bui

As we care for Bui and the other manatees under our care, we are reminded of the circumstances which brought them to our center. All the manatees in our Center were rescued from people who had captured them illegally, and all of them had been mistreated. But none more so than Bui. In fact, it's a miracle she survived her ordeal. Her mother was killed for food, and she was locked in a cooler, to be transported for slaughter. A surprise intervention by the Environmental Police saved her life, and we were summoned to pick her up. All of this...

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Rainforest Awareness Rescue and Education Center

The Rainforest Awareness Rescue and Education Center (RAREC) is a fully licensed wildlife center operating in the Peruvian Amazon, near the city of Iquitos, Peru. Since 2011, RAREC has been working in tandem with the Peruvian government, with institutions such as the Nashville Zoo, the Pittsburgh Zoo, and the Georgia Aquarium, and with the National University of the Peruvian Amazon, in a multitude of programs aimed towards the preservation of Amazonian wildlife. Our programs have been recognized by institutions such as Merlin Entertainment, the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, by the regional government, by the national police, and by...