Why Rarec Is Needed

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Unfortunately, we're more needed than ever

Around the world, many species are being threatened by illegal hunting and poaching. Many key species in the Amazon regions in Peru are currently in jeopardy, and along with them, the existence of the ecosystems they support.

This inspired the creation of RAREC. RAREC is a wildlife rescue center, who’s core program is the rescue and rehabilitation of confiscated or injured species for future release. Our center also serves as a research facility for Amazonian wildlife, with the goal of protecting existing wildlife populations.

Locally, there is little awareness about the plight of the species, its importance to the ecosystem, or its protected status. RAREC’s rescue and rehabilitation program is complemented by our education program. Focusing on the people living in the remote communities of the Amazon, offering them viable alternatives to poaching, and an incentive to become involved in conservation.

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