We are a wildlife rescue center located near Iquitos, Peru. To raise awareness about the plight of Amazonian wildlife, we provide education and information to the nearby communities. We rehabilitate our rescued animals, so that they can one day return to the wild.
For RAREC, "empowering the community" isn't just a set of buzzwords -- it is what we do, in the field, every day. We work with the Amazon Communities near Iquitos, Peru. We work with volunteers from around the world. With the combined efforts of our allies in conservation, we are making a difference, today.
RAREC works in tandem with other organizations committed to conservation, such as the Nashville Zoo, and the Georgia Aquarium. Supporters from around the world are combining their efforts to make a difference, and save the Rainforest.

"We are so inspired by the important work you are doing in the Amazon."
Chattanooga Zoo
"A safe place to learn and care about animals and the environment in which they live."
Heather Coarsey Robertson, Director of Veterinary Services, Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
"If you’re looking for a place to volunteer with animals this is the perfect place!"
adinir2 @ TripAdvisor, volunteer
"I learned a lot about the operation of a wildlife rescue center and the conservation of wild animals."
Mirthe Wils, University student
"The activities to take care of the animals are great, the organisators are very kind and the food so good!"
Estelle L @ Volunteer World, volunteer

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